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Lady Vintage 

Dresses from Lady Vintage of London including the gorgeous range from Lady Voluptuous.  

All their signature styles - the tea dress, the Hepburn, and of course the stunning Lyra - and many more.

Two Lippy Ladies are New Zealand’s top retailer of Lady Vintage and Lady Voluptuous.  We are the North Island’s only official stockist. 

Create a Unique Style with Our Lady Vintage Clothing

You can create a unique look with our selection of Lady Vintage Clothing. Whether you love the design of 50s dresses with a cinched waist and flowing skirt or bold and bright fabrics, we have the perfect garment for a fun rock-and-roll or retro style. Our extensive range of women’s retro clothing means that you can assemble an entire vintage-looking outfit or find a few key pieces to mix with current trends. We have a wide range of styles and sizes so that you are sure to find the ideal dress to compliment your fashion taste.

Benefits of Vintage Clothing in NZ

There are numerous advantages to incorporating vintage clothing into your wardrobe.

  • Individuality: If dressing and looking different from the rest of the crowd is essential to you, then consider including retro clothing in your wardrobe. Vintage items allow you to create an individual style that is different from current high street trends. Alternatively, you can also mix and match retro clothes and accessories with items that you already have in your wardrobe to create a unique outfit.
  • Quality: Vintage clothing is long-lasting. Even brands that re-create styles from times past use quality fabrics and manufacture designs to a high standard. These items are an investment that you are sure to get many wears from over time. You can also be sure that the clothes are made in small batches rather than mass-produced to ensure that the garment remains unique.
  • Stylish: While fashion trends tend to go in cycles, you are sure to always feel elegant and classy in a vintage outfit. A high-waisted vintage skirt or an iconic 50s style dress will always look feminine and chic, and when it becomes a current fashion item again, you will already be ahead of the trend.

Tips Regarding Vintage Clothing Online NZ

Consider our shopping tips to get the most value out of vintage clothing in NZ from our online store.

  • Check the size chart: We know that selecting the correct size is a challenge when you can’t try clothes on, so be sure to check the store’s sizing chart. You should always make sure of your current body measurements before buying online, especially if it has been a few months since your last purchase. Most clothing guides will include waist, hips, and chest measurements. You can then select the closest size to your measurements. However, it would help if you read the product description to know whether you need to consider the fit of the garment in your sizing selection. For example, the item may have a loose or tight fit. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about garment sizing
  • Know your fabric: Be sure to check the type of fabric used to make your desired garments. For example, we have a selection of dresses made with different fabrics, including polyester which is ideal for winter as it is warmer, versus cotton which is breathable and perfect for a summer outfit. This research can save you from disappointment when the clothes arrive if it turns out that it was not what you expected.
  • Review the store’s return policy: There is always a chance when you purchase clothing online that the fit of the garment may not quite feel right. Therefore, ensure that you are aware of the store’s return policy before you buy clothes. We offer a hassle-free return policy if you send your item back within seven days.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Vintage Clothes NZ

We provide a stunning range of quality vintage clothing.

  • We provide exceptional customer service: We provide outstanding, skilled and friendly service from the point of the first contact to the completion of your order. Our team processes online orders promptly so that you can readily enjoy your new items.

  • We have an extensive range of women’s wear: We offer a range of clothing items from trusted brands including Lady Vintage, Banned Apparel, Hell Bunny and more. You can also enjoy our vintage clothing in plus size so that no one needs to miss out on quality and stylish dresses, skirts, tops and more.

  • You can get free delivery: We provide free delivery in NZ on orders over $100. We use trusted postal services and send you a tracking number, so you know when to expect your delivery.

About Two Lippy Ladies

You can browse through the retro garments at our Napier store or shop online and have our vintage clothing delivered to Hamilton or anywhere else in NZ. We provide an extensive range of flattering and chic clothing including skirts, tops, cardigans, dresses, shorts, and accessories. Our vintage-inspired clothes from alternative brands are made using quality fabrics and excellent manufacturing techniques. Whether you want an elegant and flattering dress, bold and striking patterns, or a classy blouse, we have a wide variety of designs at affordable prices. Contact us with any questions or browse our collection online.

Try Our Unique Range of 1950s Clothing for a Flattering, Feminine Fit

The 1950s post-war years saw a great variety of styles and silhouettes. One element hearkened back to the streamlined elegance of the 1920s. Another sucked in the waist while sweeping across the ankles. Yet another youthfully flared and shortened the skirt and buttoned the cardie for jitterbugging and doing the hand-jive.

For stylish chic or flirty fun, you can't go wrong with 1950s clothing for women.

What You Should Know About Women's 50s Dress Styles

Notable 1950s societal transformations included an increase in affluence, influencing what appeared on the surface to be a solid, stable era. However, underlying this smooth 'exterior' was a growing sense of dissatisfaction with cultural constraints and an emerging subversiveness that would in the 60s explode to disrupt the world of fashion and beyond.

Similarly, the decade ushered in a period of 'fashion flux', which by the mid-50s had settled predominantly into a formal elegance with carefully chosen, matching accessories. Simultaneously, the era marked the start of fashion diversity. Several distinct but equally fashionable styles coexisted, reflecting a rebellion against uniformity and perhaps the birth of modern individuality.

  • The 1940s structured, full-skirted, nipped-in waist and bared shoulder popularised by Dior dominated, accompanied by both a sleeker, sophisticated, form-fitting shape with shorter hemlines and hairstyles and the 1920s-inspired 'sack' dress design.
  • A new sense of independence resulted in a more relaxed approach to fashion. Couture designers such as Balenciaga and de Givenchy eschewed the more restrained femininity of Dior, pivoting away from muted greys, olive greens and lavenders to experiment with more vibrant, fun colours and prints.
  • As if to mirror this flux and contrast, Parisien fashionistas referred to the 50s dress waistline as 'wandering': rising to cinch at the waist,  dropping lower in 20s style, or almost disappearing altogether.

Ultimately, 50s dress and clothing styles allow a choice of silhouette, all of which capture feminine beauty, elegance, confidence and independence.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding 50s Style Dresses

Two Lippy Ladies was born out of a love of clothes, especially the interesting, unique, and femininely form-fitting. As well as our passion for fashion, we offer you:
  • Something different: Our unique womenswear range is distinct, separate from fashions and styles you'll find on your high street. We bring you lovingly curated looks that are more interesting, better fitting and more flattering. Make the most of your lovely curves or angles with our elegant vintage 50s style dresses and other statement garments to showcase you, your sexy shape and your confidence.
  • Our wide and wonderful range: You'll want to lose yourself in our gorgeous collection of dresses, petticoats, trousers, tops, cardigans, coats, and so much more. Round off that elegant 50s look with matching jewellery from our selection of necklaces, earrings, cardigan clips and hair accessories.
  • Rockability: What is it? Throw together a little good old-fashioned rock – make that rockabilly, a touch of country and western, a dash of 50s style and a pinch of Punk. Voila!

About Two Lippy Ladies

After seven years of happy sourcing, hoarding and selling the kind of clothing we love and which we know you also love, we are your ideal go-to online 'image consultant'. Eccentric? Perhaps. Aspirational? Definitely. Cool cat? That's you. Be the envy of your more interesting friends and the belle of the ball in our outstanding stand-out 50s style dresses collection.

So burn rubber and pop into our Art Deco Napier store for a visit; browse our superb range online today and place your order or get in touch to find out more. You'll love us.