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Who’s That Femme Fatale? You Are, in Our Sensual Suspenders for Women

Never has a ladies garment so practical been so alluring; Stand aside, Dita von Teese; Make way, Betty Boop; we’re shopping for lingerie suspenders for women.

What You Should Know About Ladies Suspenders

For centuries, men and women have worn underclothes to cover their differences and stay warm. Purely practical, men’s and ladies underwear remained very similar until well into the 1700s.

Then, in the 1800s, with heightened modesty and hygiene concerns and cheaper production came gender differentiation. Underwear now needed to maximise a woman’s appeal while fully clothed from head to toe:

  • Be curvaceous: Ladies welcomed the lace-up corset, highly body contouring, and the first undergarment designed almost purely for aesthetic purposes. Its mystique fuelled the growing eroticism of the female physique, the proximity of the underwear to the hidden and forbidden flesh maddeningly enticing.
  • Help to stay up: The 1920s brought further lingerie innovation: brassieres for supporting our curves and suspenders instead of unhealthy, constricting garters, each with associated allure.
  • A bad rap and a usurper: More recently, in the 60s and 70s, thanks to the media (and somewhat ironically given the era), stockings with suspenders developed seedy ‘sexual license’ associations. At the same time, in 1959, a thoughtful gentleman husband invented pantyhose combining girdle, suspenders and stockings for the convenience of busy mums and wives.

Today, there’s no real need for stockings and suspender belts. Not during the day, anyway. Still, for glamour pusses like us, the idea of retro satin suspenders and a matching bra is irresistible.

How to Wear Lingerie Suspenders

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you why or when to wear your suspenders, stockings and other exotic, feminine lingerie. So let’s instead review how to wear your suspenders and put on your silky stockings:

  • Wear your suspender belt around your waist: Adjustable straps help you expand or tighten the belt as required.
  • Put on and attach your stockings: With thumbs on the inside, roll the sleeve down and place your foot in the toe; pull the stocking up to thigh height; making sure the stocking is taut, and the seam is straight, place an open strap fastener either side of the top edge of the hose; snap the fastener shut. Repeat until all straps are attached; stand up, sit down and walk around, adjusting the length of the straps until you’re comfortable all over.
  • Put on your flirty 50s dress and high heels, reapply your lipstick and go forth, you sexy creature.

About Two Lippy Ladies

Take a look at our interesting and unique range of the 50s, rockabilly, and burlesque-inspired dresses, bottoms, tops, suspenders, stockings and arty collection of jewellery and accessories; it’s a dream come true.

Why not indulge and spoil yourself? You deserve it. If you’re ready to be your sultriest, sexiest, most sensual self, order now, visit our Napier store or contact us to find out more. Order gorgeous items worth $100 or more, and we’ll provide free shipping in New Zealand, too.