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All the pretty dresses at Two Lippy Ladies in Napier.  Whether you need a dress for a special occasion or you just want to treat yourself - then Two Lippy Ladies has the dress for you.  

We specialise in vintage style dresses with an emphasis on the silhouette of the 1950s. We offer a range of designs and patterns, including many beautiful floral dresses, and cater to all different body shapes with a variety of different cuts and styles available. A dress for every body! We carry sizes 8-22 with some styles going to size 28.

Need a new dress?  Come to Two Lippy Ladies first.


Bringing Vintage to the Present With Dresses for Sale in NZ

Let's talk about that topic that we as women are most annoyed by yet find changing or influencing difficult. Fashion! Let's be a bit more specific: ill-fitting, poorly sewn clothes made from what feels like the leftover material from the neighbour's 30-year-old transparent curtain - even though it was initially cobalt blue. We are tired of clothing only fit to be worn by a Barbie and decided to do something about it. We are real women who need to wear real clothing that leaves us empowered, walking the streets with confidence, and not dreading the hem nicking on a bench, watching the whole skirt unravel in public like a bad movie. We source unique vintage wear for women. Right now, you can find the most amazing dresses for sale, and nowhere else in NZ will you leave more fulfilled than from Two Lippy Ladies.

Trends About Vintage Dresses You Should Know

How can vintage be current today? Those very words negate each other. Well, we are here to show you that vintage is back with a twist, introducing some new styles and designs for the modern woman.

  • Floral dresses for NZ women. Floral prints are here to stay. In winter, we all tend to dress like the weather, dreary and grey, but why don't you instead opt for the floral frock and be the one that stands out in the crowd.
  • The pinafore dress for the NZ woman. One thinks of skinny supermodels of the sixties, but those days are gone. The pinafore is back and can be tweaked in so many ways that this little vintage number will be sticking around for many more seasons.
  • The retro rockabilly dress. This dress should be a staple in every woman's cupboard. This timeless style is elegant yet retro but funky all at the same time and can be dressed up with a pair of high heels or dressed down with sneakers. It all depends on your next adventure.
  • The Summer dresses for NZ women. Every woman needs a go-to summer dress. Having a fresh summer look can never go wrong on different occasions. Whether for a beach holiday with family, off to barbecue with friends, or just for a casual comfortable look.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Ladies Dresses

Our passion for change drives us and our will to make that something unique that transforms your life to the point of eternal bliss.

  • We have plus sizes. While this category may sound demeaning on the offset as every female figure is unique, we're proud to offer all the larger sizes that you may have difficulty finding elsewhere.
  • We ship internationally. While we have special rates for locally tracked shipping, we are happy to ship your item anywhere in the world within one to two weeks.
  • We offer in-store lay-by. Please visit us in our physical store and enjoy the perks of taking home your favourite item - which may be the last piece in your size - with the added benefit of payment arrangements that don't place you in an awkward situation.

About Us

We are the Two Lippy Ladies, Natalie and Karla, and we proudly create dresses inspired by real women. We are based in one of Napier's Art Deco buildings. Bringing vintage-inspired ladies dresses back is our passion aiming to leave our ladies dressed in pretty frocks that don't cost a pretty penny.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Whether You Want to Stand Out, Fit in, Speak Out or Stay Comfy, do it With Tartan Clothing

With tartan being a popular and enduring motif, tartan clothing feels like it’s been around forever and is here to stay. Whether conservative, couture, cultural, eccentric, clashing, cowboy, social commentary or simply comfy and cosy, you’ll find it in tartan.

A History of the Tartan in Your Tartan Skirt

Commonly thought to have originated in Scotland in the 1500s, tartan use dates back far earlier in central Europe and China. ‘Tartan’ originally referred to the distinct fabric weave, possibly from tarsainn, the Scottish Gaelic for ’across’. As a textile, tartan was often plain. Patterned versions, called breacan, were less common. Only later did these terms merge, with ‘tartan’ now referencing both fabric and design.

Like its pattern, tartan’s history and symbolism are chequered:

  • Which ‘Mac’ are You? Instead of being clan-associated, early tartan patterns and colours were usually dictated by whatever was available. During the 1800s, when Queen Victoria’s Scottish preoccupation resulted in the trend of ‘Balmoralism’ in English society, distinct patterns began representing particular clans.
  • The same, but different: By the Edwardian era, tartan had become a staple in women’s fashion, resurging time and time again, often in bold and defiant style statements. Historically romanticised yet profoundly political, tartan effortlessly straddles diverse classes and genres.
  • A universal favourite: Common designs used today are the Royal Stewart - a familiar red with yellow and white thread on blue and green bands; and the Black Watch – equally recognisable, combining green with red lines on blue and black bars.

Tartan is genuinely global, timeless and completely authentic: always wear it like you mean it.

Tips Regarding Tartan Dress Sense

Yes, it’s back. Go ahead and:

  • Accessorise with it: If you’re not ready for full tartan ‘blocking’, why not add a wee bit here and there? Look for scarves, handbags, socks, belts or shoes. Wear your tartan plaid as your clan intended – around the shoulders, over your coat and belted at the waist. Use your tartan extras to add verve to your neutrals or wear them all at once.
  • Mingle tops and bottoms: Wear a skirt in midi, pencil, or high-waisted tartan, teamed with a crop top or long-sleeved lace. Pair your plaid trousers with monotone jackets for work, a bold shirt or a cardigan for lunch, and a gold or glitter t-shirt in the evening.
  • Embrace all-over chic: ‘All Hail, Vivienne Westwood.’ If you’re ready to be covered in glory, then a tartan dress is for you. Of course, we’re partial to the 50s silhouette for feminine flair, but traditional pleated or modern shapes are just as lovely.

So, dress yourself up in our tartan; it’s on-trend and ready to be whatever you make it: pair your dress, skirt or trousers with leopard ankle stilettos, pink ballet pumps or black motorcycle boots.

About Two Lippy Ladies

We’re just two bonnie lasses helping you look tidy. We offer a delicious collection of rockabilly and 50s vintage-inspired tops, bottoms, dresses, cardies, jackets, jewellery, many other must-have accessories, and lots of tartan.

Visit our trendy Napier store, order online today, or contact us with any burning fashion questions.

Shop With Us for Plus Size Clothing in NZ

If you’re searching for plus size clothing in NZ, Two Lippy Ladies has everything you need to bring out your personal style. We carry a line of clothing that help a woman feel comfortable and confident.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Plus Size Dress

One of the questions we get from our customers is how they can make the most out of our plus-size dresses in NZ. Here are a few great tips:

  • Don’t forget the shoes: Finding the perfect pair of shoes can make or break your entire outfit. If you’re going to be on your feet, a good rule of thumb is to invest in a comfortable pair of flats, so your feet aren’t aching at the end of the day. However, if you have an important meeting or event, you may want to wear a sensible set of heels that match your frock.
  • Belts are back: If you think that your dress is a little loose around your waist or it’s missing a final touch, using a belt is an excellent way to nip you in at the waist and add a unique detail to your outfit.
  • Treat yourself: There’s nothing better than looking and feel incredible when you walk into a room. On top of buying yourself a new dress, why not indulge in a new hairstyle or getting your nails done? This additional pampering can go a long way in improving your confidence when wearing your new favourite dress.

Would you like more suggestions about ways to express your flair through our dress options? We’re always happy to chat with our clients.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Plus Size Clothing

As a leading provider of quality plus size women’s clothing, you can expect nothing less than the following from us:

  • International shipping: We cater to clients in New Zealand and women looking for NZ plus size clothing all over the world. We begin processing your order immediately; however, we caution our international clients to allow one to two weeks from placing your order. Once your order ships, we will e-mail you with a tracking number so you know exactly when you can expect to receive your items.
  • Size guide: It’s hard finding the right size clothing, especially when you’re shopping online, which is where our size guide comes in handy. Our size guide features a chart for each popular brand that we carry, so you never have to make a blind guess. Keep in mind that if your item isn’t the right size, you can contact us within seven days of the day you received your order, and we can replace the item or process a refund.

Related Services We Provide to Plus Size Ball Dresses

Although you’re sure to find an excellent selection of plus size evening dresses when you shop with us, we also carry an array of other items, including:

  • In-person shopping: If you prefer to shop for your favourite styles, we have you covered. We maintain store hours seven days a week to make shopping easier for every customer. Remember, if you’re shopping online and have a question, give us a call during store hours, and we can answer them for you on the spot.
  • Jewellery: An adorable pair of earrings or a stylish necklace is the perfect way to set off nearly any outfit. One of our popular sellers is our  Mermaid Necklace. The Mermaid Necklace is made from laser cut wood and acrylic pieces.
  • Coats: Every girl deserves a warm and fashionable coat during the cold winter months, which is why you need the coats in your closet. The coat comes down to the knees, which gives your dress or outfit protection from any type of wintertime weather.

About Two Lippy Ladies

At Two Lippy Ladies, you can always find fantastic options for vintage and retro clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our range of clothing and accessories.