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Make a Statement in Women’s Trousers in NZ

As women we often don’t take advantage of being able to wear trousers, however, for many years, it was unheard of for women to wear anything other than dresses and skirts. Even today various religious groups, schools, and families forbid women from wearing pants. When we as women decide what to wear each morning, we need to consider what statement we’re trying to make, and by wearing trousers, we are stating that we are in control of our lives, what we wear, and how we look, and we need to make the best statement by wearing women’s trousers in New Zealand. At Two Lippy Ladies, we stock a variety of vintage trousers from the era where women started to take fashion into their own hands and wear what they wanted.

Tips for Wearing Tartan Trousers

Tartan trousers, otherwise known as plaid, are making a huge comeback due to their fun look and versatility. These pants come in many different styles and colours so you can wear a different pair each day and look fashionable and fabulous. Here are some tips for you to remember when it comes to wearing these types of pants:

  • What to pair them with. When choosing a shirt to pair with your trousers, there are so many options depending on where you’re going. For a more casual look, you can pair them with a rock bands T-shirt and rocker boots. To dress them up, wear a plain white button-up shirt, a blazer, and heels.
  • Choosing the right colour and style. With all the different colours and styles of tartan pants available nowadays, you are spoilt for choice. If red and black aren’t your colours, you can always choose blue, which will go with most tops in your wardrobe. Ensure you choose the right colour and style that suits you and your body type and makes you feel like you just walked out of a fashion magazine.
  • The cut. These pants also come in a three-quarter style as well as regular long pants, giving you the option to wear them year-round.

Benefits of Trousers for Women

While skirts and dresses are great to wear to garden parties, night-time events, and special occasions. Wearing the right pair of trousers for women can make a statement that you’re in charge. Here are some benefits of wearing these:

  • Variety. When it comes to trousers, there are endless possibilities on how to wear them. You can dress them up with a pair of heels, look funky with a pair of boots, or keep it casual by wearing pumps.
  • Comfort. While you might love skirts and dresses, the convenience of wearing a pair of pants is undeniable. No matter where you are, you’ll never feel uncomfortable.
  • All year round. Unlike dresses, which many people only wear in the summertime, trousers can be worn all year round, which means you can save money on buying summer and winter-appropriate clothes.

Why Trust Us When It Comes to Trousers

At Two Lippy Ladies, we are passionate about fashion, predominantly vintage fashion, and stock a variety of classic trousers that you can wear on any occasion and fit in with the theme while standing out when you make your fashion statement. When you step into our store, you’ll feel like you have been transported back to the 1950s when fashion took a turn from being less conservative to being more fun and sassier.

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