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Hell Bunny

Hell Bunny is an iconic vintage style brand that designs fun original prints in gorgeous cuts just for you! 

Two Lippy Ladies is New Zealand’s top supplier of Hell Bunny.  

We carry the Hell Bunny plus size range. 
















What You Should Know About Hell Bunny Clothing

Hell Bunny clothing is known for its retro and vintage style fashion that enhances female body shapes. Coming from London in 2003, they have become famous for their edgy gothic, rock, and punk style, which they have turned into a sophisticated and loved brand, focused on the eras between the 20's and the 90's to bring out the inner vintage in you.

Benefits of Hell Bunny Plus Size

Two Lippy Ladies include brands that aim to make clothing for all women of different shapes and sizes. We understand that we’re not all built the same and strive to provide you with comfortable and lasting clothing. We have included a measurement chart for each brand we stock to make sure you get the right size. So why not just buy a standard size? There are many benefits to purchasing clothing that fits your body.
  • When you measure your exact fit, your clothing will be a lot more comfortable, giving you incredible confidence. Your ensemble won’t be too tight, and it won’t be too loose either.
  • You will waste less time staring at yourself in the mirror of the fitting room. We’ve all been there. We see something beautiful, and we can imagine ourselves wearing it, then we try it on, and our hearts drop because we don't look how we imagined we would. Buying clothes that fit your exact measurements will avoid this feeling and improve your self-esteem.
  • Your clothing will last a lot longer. Not only do these brands hand-make and hand design their clothing, but they also steer clear from mass production to ensure they remain unique. You will be choosing quality over price, and this will ensure your clothing lasts a few years instead of a few months.

For these reasons, measurement charts sometimes differ from brand to brand, so we have included all our brand charts. We want you to find the perfect item in the correct size from the get-go.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Hell Bunny Coats

At Two Lippy Ladies, you’ll be able to purchase a wide range of Hell Bunny clothing, including a Hell Bunny coat for those cold days or a black cardigan for the windy days.
  • The Hell Bunny skirt range varies between swing skirts and pencil skirts. Their skirts will add a flair to your clothing collection and will accurately display your unique individual style, flattering your body shape and size. A beautiful cardigan is ideal with one of their skirts.
  • The Hell Bunny Cardigan range includes comfortable and fashionable choices for all body types and exciting themes such as Christmas and nautical-themed cardigans and solid colour designs. The most popular remains the skull cardigans.
  • The range of clothing includes dresses from the Hell Bunny Pinafore dress to the Hell Bunny Gothic Dresses. These dresses are available in the fifties swing style that cinch at the waist while a bottom flair creates that hourglass figure or you can go for the tight-fitting pencil skirt dress to perfectly display your beautiful figure in a wide variety of colours, prints and different styles.

You can wear this brand for any occasion, even for weddings. Their style is unique and will fit any body shape perfectly.

About Two Lippy Ladies

We have decided it’s time to bring back the vintage and rockabilly style at Two Lippy Ladies. These styles are marvellous for all women’s body sizes and shapes, and we believe that the unique styles are perfect for everybody. We have expanded into a beautiful brick and mortar store in lovely Napier; however, we do offer you the chance to order your trendy clothing online.

We do not offer ill-fitting and mass-produced clothing to ensure all our clothing remains unique, high quality and beautiful. Our other popular brands include Banned Apparel, Bonsai Kitten, Holi Boli, Lady Vintage London, and Collectif Clothing.

We ship our products worldwide at a flat rate and ask you to allow at least one to two weeks for your order to arrive. Feel free to contact us anytime if you would like us to track your order. To return items, please be sure to contact us within seven days of receiving your order. We do not mind you having to return or exchange any item for any reason.

Order your beautiful clothing online or contact us today for any further queries.