White jersey half length sleeves

Sleevey Wonders


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  • Sleevey Wonders white half sleeve jersey
  • White jersey half length sleeves

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Introducing half sleeve white Sleevey Wonders!  Now you can truly carry your Two Lippy Ladies dresses right throughout the year.

The basic 1/2 sleeve in white jersey: Clean lines define this classic sleeve style in a four-way stretch jeersey that gently hugs your arms, making them appear more toned. Elegant in its simplicity, this pair of slip-on sleeves looks equally good worn under a casual tank top, conservative office attire, or under a sleeveless or strapless dress. The no shoulder seam construction gives the illusion of being part of your top or dress, and has the option of being worn with the low-cut side in front, or reversed with the higher side in front to provide cleavage cover if so desired.

Jersey Material: 95% rayon, 5% Spandex

See our Sleevey Wonders in action here.

Sleevey Wonders are reversible!  The v-neck and scoop neck Sleevey Wonders shown on the mannequin are the same pair worn in different ways!

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