Mauve 23 inch Rockabilly petticoat

PW Dance


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  • Mauve 23 inch Rockabilly petticoat
  • Mauve 23 inch Rockabilly petticoat

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Oh hello to you perfect shade of mauve

We have worked together with PW Dance to bring you the most fluffy, most colourful petticoats, exclusive to Two Lippy Ladies.

Not only is this the brightest petticoat around, it is also the stretchiest!  XS-S fits from 8 up to size 16  and the M-L 18-24 very comfortably. In fact we would argue these are the most comfortable petticoats on the market.

Two Lippy Ladies dresses and clothing are all about fit and measurements – and less about the size number on the tag. Please take your measurements and check them against the relevant size charts below. If you do have any questions about fit please get in touch with us as we are more than happy to help.

Everyone is different and sometimes finding the styles that suit you can involve some trial and error but it is well worth the effort. Just ask all of our happy customers.

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