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Gorgeous iron on patch from Minifanfan. Something that may need a bit of study - for some.

Wear one of Minifanfan's gorgeous artworks on your jacket to cheer you all day long. 

6.1 x 8.5cm

Made in Malaysia.

How to iron on a patch?

  1. Work best on denim, cotton fabrics and non-stretch fabrics.

  2. Heat up your iron. Turn it to the hottest setting your fabric can tolerate. Make sure the "steam" option is turned off.

  3. Position your patch where you desire.

  4. Place patch on garment, embroidery facing up.

  5. Place a thin towel or fabric over the patch and using a slow circular motion, press firmly for 30-45 seconds.

  6. Let cool for one minute. If edge of patch can be lifted, repeat step 5.

  7. Consider sewing around the edges. This greatly reduces the chances that the patch will fall off.


Shipping your Minifanfan patch

In stock and ready to courier from our Napier store.

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