Sleevey Wonders New Zealand!

Sleevey Wonders New Zealand!

Over the years we have had so many customers at Two Lippy Ladies who avoid sleeveless dresses as they don’t like their arms.

We think this is a tragedy for two reasons: Firstly, we believe all arms are worthy of being out and proud. Secondly, you are missing out on SO MANY PRETTY DRESSES! Oh the lost world of opportunities.

We searched high and low for a solution and found Sleevey Wonders last winter. Even the name is fabulous. Ethically made in the USA, Sleevey Wonders are made from an amazing four way stretch fabric that works like a gentle smoothing corset for your arms.

Sleevey Wonders New Zealand Two Lippy Ladies

You simply pop your Sleevey Wonders on under your sleeveless dress and there you have it – sleeves! You will be opening a world of wardrobe possibilities simply by buying one set of Sleevey Wonders.

And what’s more – Sleevey Wonders are reversible. You can wear it one way for v-neck and the other way for scoop neck. How fabulous.

Sleevey Wonders NZ Two Lippy Ladies

Love your arms? Well Sleevey Wonders are still for you.  They are the perfect thing to carry your sleeveless Two Lippy Ladies through the winter. It’s win-win.

Sleevey Wonders come in mesh, jersey and lace and come in different sleeve lengths.  There is a Sleevey for all occasions.

Get over to our website or into our Napier store RIGHT NOW to get yourself into some Sleevey Wonders New Zealand.

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